So, you wake up in the morning with the very best of intentions and think to yourself ‘I’m definitely not going to eat rubbish today’ and then, just a few hours later it all goes horribly wrong and you sabotage yourself by scoffing cakes, sweets, chocolate, whatever your ‘Go To’ food is.

No matter what you do there’s that voice inside your head that says ‘Eat the crap!’ and it completely overpowers the rational one that says ‘Eat healthily it’s so much better for you’.

You know all the reasons WHY you shouldn’t be eating the crap but you still do. You feel completely powerless to stop it.

Why is that?

Well one of the reasons is because 95% of what we do is subconscious and driven by the underlying beliefs we have about ourselves and food.

5% of what we do is conscious.

The voice that tells you not to eat the crap is at the conscious level. But the subconscious thoughts and beliefs have been working way harder than that long before you've even gotten to the food. 

95% will always win over 5%.

Those subconscious thoughts and patterns which are driven by emotion will always win over logic.

Until you uncover and fix those you'll be on your diet not-so-merry-go-round forever.

But you can get off that tedious roundabout by doing something different which involves letting go of your SABOTAGING beliefs and thereby ultimately letting go of all those unwanted behaviours.

With my 12-week transformational programme I’ll give you a strategy that will help you do exactly that. A strategy that's been proven time and time again to work so you can say no to self-sabotage for good!

And not just with food, in all areas of your life.

Don't feel powerless anymore.

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Emily xx

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