Weight Loss Programme

Lose weight for good just by changing your thinking – no more dieting ever again!

How does it work?

I’m known as The Naked Lady! Not because I dislike clothes, but because I help people feel great about themselves naked.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like that?


This is a 12-week 1:1 programme with three steps

  1. Finding the root cause
  2. Giving you the tools to set you free (forever)
  3. Healthy, happy, permanent weight loss

What you need to know?

 The programme involves several 1:1 sessions with me (and as much as you need) and a weekly group coaching call with others going through the same process (7pm Wednesday).

 All sessions are via Zoom and you have to be available for the full 12 weeks.

 You need to be fully prepared to ‘get stuck in’ – as you’ll be facing your past and there’ll be assignments and tasks to complete

 This is a transformational piece of work and some of the sessions can be pretty intense (up to three hours) – so it’s important that you’re really ready.

 This is intense Rapid Transformational Therapy, personalised hypnotherapy and coaching. You’ll also have unlimited access to me (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) via DM, to ask me anything or for extra support.

About Fresh Forward

What you’ll achieve:

If you take my advice and are willing to put in the effort, you’ll be able to:

  •   Break your pattern of overeating for good and become the weight you desire
  •   Be free from emotional eating forever
  •   Have a great relationship with yourself, with no more self-criticism or shame
  •   Experience freedom and intimacy in your relationships and allow others to love you.
  •   Feel in control of your eating and never worry about food again
  •   Get off the constant yoyo dieting rollercoaster
  •   Wear that outfit you’ve always dreamed of – imagine getting into that LBD, those tight jeans, that fitted top you’ve always wanted to wear


  •   Look in the mirror and love how you look
  •   Feel super attractive and desirable
  •   Feel confident in the bedroom – have the lights on!
  •   Go on holiday and feel confident in your bikini
  •   Feel great naked!
  •   Live life to your full potential

After working with me, you’ll feel confident, attractive and desirable – and you’ll love how you look. You’ll have a healthy relationship with food, and finally feel calm and in control.

Every single one of my clients has lost weight and experienced a huge, positive shift in the way they think and feel about themselves. Want to be one of them? Get in touch today to get started.  


Read what others are saying…

Wow is all I can say at this point!  The positive impact that Emily’s therapy and coaching are having on my life in only two weeks is phenomenal.  I feel positively energised and more in control than I have in over 50 years. Not only is the weight coming off, but I am gaining confidence and absolutely buzzing with the thrill of the new me.  Thank you Emily, I will be forever indebted to you for giving me the tools to change my life xx



Things are amazing after only one session. Losing weight effortlessly and full of energy. Completely life changing. I have never experienced something that helped me so much. I feel so so happy, I just can barely believe it. You are really amazing at what you do I wish I had found you years ago my life may be so different.