My Story

Everyone has a back story, but Emily Hall’s is truly remarkable.

Known as the Binge Eating Coach and the Naked Lady (more on that in a moment), Emily is now a highly successful award-winning hypnotherapist and coach. She works in a non-traditional, forward-thinking way and helps release her clients from their prison of emotional eating in a matter of weeks. It’s her mission to help as many women as she can break free from their patterns of overeating and pain as quickly as possible so they don’t waste more time, money, energy and years of their lives.

She is an entrepreneur, chocolate and wine lover and adores horses and dogs. Emily built her business entirely on her own, without any investment and got it to six figures within a year of starting. She now has a team that help out so she can spend time raising awareness of emotional eating issues across the globe.

But it didn’t start that way.

Her childhood was a traumatic one, at home and outside punctuated by bullying - first at school and then in her professional working life as she began a career in the corporate world.

The Binge Eating Coach - Emily Hall

She eventually found happiness in a relationship that should have ended in marriage before being derailed by her partner’s infidelity. Early menopause ended her hopes of having children, and a combination of bad luck, an exploitative parental relationship, and her own depression robbed her of her life savings and most of her friends.

She has been clinically dead twice, close to it twice more, been in a coma, had two blood clots, was paralysed down one side for roughly a year, has permanently lost her sight in one eye and at one point lost an astounding £1.4million!

Wracked with anxiety, depression, yo-yoing weight loss and gain, emotional eating, and addiction, among many other debilitating emotional wellness issues, she once tried to put a permanent end to her life but fortunately someone found her before it was too late.

Emily has seen and lived rock bottom. She knows what it feels like, she knows what it does to the soul, and she knows that the transformation she sees in the people she now coaches is literally life changing.

Her own journey back to being the very best version of herself began when she had her light bulb moment that decades of the old ways of trying - diets, traditional therapy and other conventional approaches - were keeping her on the same negative loop and she was staying stuck. That’s when she realised she had to do things radically differently and she started studying some of the great mind masters and law of attraction gurus.

She was then able to uncover her subconscious blocks and finally break free from her self-sabotage patterns as well as her overwhelming, all-controlling thoughts of herself and food as she learned how to rewire her mind for success.

Weight Loss Coaching Programme - Weight Loss Coach

Emily now helps women get this same freedom - not just from their emotional eating but freedom in every single aspect of their lives.

Her 12-step private one-to-one Weight Loss Programme is designed to unpick your psychology, arm you with the skills and knowledge you need to lose weight in a healthy and happy way, and reprogramme your mind so you are able to let go of the past, enjoy the present and get excited about the future.

Emily is known as the Naked Lady because her transformational work is renowned for helping her clients reach the point where they are happy to see themselves in the flesh – literally, and emotionally.

She has transformed her life completely. Now she wants to help you do the same. If you’re ready to reconstruct who you are and how you think about yourself, get in touch and have a confidential and no-obligation chat to discover more.