My Story

This is my story and the aim of it isn’t self-indulgence for sympathy, it’s because I hope it will help you.

Because of my story…

  • I’m now in a position to help people
  • I never judge anyone, no matter what they tell me
  • I’m the person I am today …strong, happy and healthy

We all have a history, right? Mine includes a traumatic childhood, being bullied at school, being bullied at work, a few bereavements, losing £1.4 million (yes, £1.4 million – it’s enough to make your eyes water), going through an early menopause and not being able to have the children I wanted.
On the physical side, I’ve died twice. I’ve also nearly died twice. I’ve been in a coma, had two blood clots, been paralysed down one side for roughly a year, and I’ve lost the sight in one eye.

But they weren’t my tipping point, I’ll tell you about that. Maybe you’ve had this, maybe you haven’t… but often there is a tipping point. For me, there was all this, but it was all ok because I was in a relationship and we were planning our wedding – everything was going to be alright. Then he cheated.

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My services

And it was then that my world fell apart before my eyes. In 18 months I lost everything. My job (we ran a business together), my close circle of friends (I was ostracised from the group for not being excited about their weddings), my best friend (she went to work for him), my mother (she had the last of my life savings and we haven’t spoken to each other since), my dreams of getting married and having a family (the afore-mentioned early menopause kicked in).

So, I hit rock bottom. I’d already overcome an awful lot, but this time I felt it was just too much and I couldn’t take any more. I suffered with anxiety, depression, weight loss and gain, emotional eating and addiction – and sadly that isn’t even a comprehensive list …I could go on. I honestly considered not being here anymore.

That’s when I found RTT. For the uninitiated, RTT is Rapid Transformational Therapy. Hypnosis-based, it works with the subconscious to find out why our minds create the issues we have in the first place and why we react to situations in the way that we do. Even more importantly, it frees us – forever – from issues that are debilitating or restrictive to us. It’s short term therapy with long-term results.

Degree educated, I’m also a trained hypnotherapist, NLP and CBT practitioner and coach and have worked as a corporate change manager – so my knowledge of the human psyche is fairly extensive.

But none of that got me out of rock bottom. RTT did. It’s like hypnosis on steroids – it finds out the root cause of your issues, what your real beliefs are about yourself and situations you encounter –  then it rewires years of these limiting and untrue beliefs. It enables you to let go of the past, enjoy the present and get excited about the future.

Today, RTT is only part of what I do with my coaching – it’s an important part, but there is so much more. Check out my Weight Loss Programme for more detail on this. But in the meantime, I hope this has helped you. I hope it makes you get in touch, safe in the knowledge that I understand where you’re coming from and would absolutely love to help you.

This saved my life and it could save yours too.