Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

 If you've been struggling to lose those extra pounds it’s likely that there are subconscious reasons at play and hypnotherapy as part of a programme for weight loss could be the solution.

Hypnotherapy enables us to get to the root cause of what’s driving your behaviour so that we can reprogramme and rewire your mind to help you improve your emotional relationship with food so that you can lose weight for good and feel more comfortable in your own skin. 


Why is it so hard to change eating habits?

Weight gain occurs when you eat more than you need to or you eat too much of the wrong thing. However, while you can vow to make healthier choices and reduce your portion sizes, sticking to a weight loss regime is harder than it looks.

You start with good intentions but temptation soon crops up and often it leaves you feeling powerless.

You find yourself quickly falling back into old habits or reaching for comforting and unhealthy foods that inevitably undo all your good work.

Change Eating Habits

This usually happens because subconscious issues are tied up with eating habits. 95% of what you do is operated at the subconscious level and is driven by the underlying beliefs that you have about yourself, about food and about your world. It’s unconscious behaviour and often you have no idea what the beliefs are that you hold that are driving your actions so therefore you feel powerless to stop it.

Dieting relies on willpower alone and is operated at the conscious level (5% of what you do).

If you have 5% therefore fighting against 95% (the subconscious behaviour), the 95% will always win out.

Every habit of action is run by a habit of thought so, until you work out what the thoughts are that are driving the behaviour in the first place, it’s impossible to change it.

You can’t diet-out the thoughts.

This is why diets, slimming tablets, gastric bands etc. don’t work because they’re not getting to the root cause of what’s really going on, they’re not looking at the THOUGHTS that drive the behaviour.

And there will be a number of different things going on:

  • Thoughts/beliefs about food e.g. if you come from parents who didn’t buy much food, the belief of the child then becomes “I have to eat as much food as I can to survive because I don’t know when it’s going to be available again”. The mind is always in survival mode so no amount of dieting is going to give up that belief – you have to change the belief for long-term success.
  • The negative thoughts/beliefs you have about you e.g. if you believe you have no value or you’re not good enough you’re not going to want to look after yourself by eating healthily.
  • The poor relationship you have with yourself e.g. if you hate yourself on a daily basis you’ll want to eat food to make you feel better.

It’s obviously a little more complex than this and the above are very simple examples to help demonstrate what I mean but you get the idea.

Your reasons of course, will be different to those above but the concept is exactly the same, it’s your thoughts and beliefs that are the cause of your destructive eating patterns but if you have no idea what they are (which most of us don’t) you’re powerless to stop the behaviour.

You cannot diet-out thoughts and beliefs that you don’t know about and even if you did know what those thoughts were you couldn’t diet them out anyway, you have to change them.

So, change the thoughts, change the actions!

On top of this it’s also common to use food as a reward system, in which you tell yourself that you’ve earned the pizza or tub of ice cream to negate your guilt for making unhealthy choices. Again, there are subconscious emotional issues at play as you try to shift a bad choice into a positive one to mask unpleasant emotions. Although you might feel good in the moment while eating the 'reward', you tend to feel significantly worse afterwards when you realise you've damaged your efforts to lose weight.

Why hypnotherapy for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is a method for tackling your subconscious emotional ties with food and breaking your reliance on food to feel good. When the mind is in hypnosis the brainwaves slow down to something called a ‘theta state’ (a state of very deep relaxation) and this gives us access to your subconscious and all the stored memories you’ve long forgotten about. From here we can get to the root cause of the emotional issues that cause you to turn to food. Then, it's possible to resolve the emotional issues, reprogramme your mind and change your relationship with food for good.

Since hypnotherapy focuses the mind in such an effective way, resetting subconscious habits can happen very quickly. Many people come away from hypnotherapy sessions feeling completely transformed. They have a fresh way of thinking about themselves and the food they eat, and they finally feel in control of their eating habits. As a result, they are capable of finally losing the weight for good.

The positive results of this rapid transformational therapy continue as weight loss takes place. You begin to feel more confident in yourself, more comfortable in your own skin and happier overall.

Does Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Work

Does weight loss hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is endorsed by the British Medical Association and when combined with a variety of other therapy and coaching methods, such as in our Beat the Binge programme here at Fresh Forward, it can give the most phenomenal results.

Every one of our clients has lost weight thanks to our award-winning programme which includes hypnotherapy as part of the solution. In just 12 short weeks you can get to the root cause of why you overeat and reprogramme your mind so that you lose the weight for good. Plus you’ll learn how to fall in love with yourself and your body so you feel great naked! 

If you're ready to transform your mindset and your relationship with food, be sure to check out the Beat the Binge programme now.