At last, something that actually works! Emily has rewired over 50 years of old thinking and losing weight is now effortless. Finally solving a life-long issue is priceless.

Louisa (8 weeks into 12-week weight programme)


This is the best thing I’ve ever done!

I’m smiling so much. Everything’s falling into place.

I’m coming out of the pandemic a better person.


I had a dysfunctional relationship with food. I would eat when I was happy,sad,stressed and in fact as a response to any situation “ just because.

I was cynical at first….

This wasn’t easy, but my focus shifted from wanting to lose weight to loving and valuing myself. I no longer turn to food as my solution, but at the same time I don’t deprive myself of certain foods if I feel like it, nor do I feel guilty as I would have previously….

2 stone down, but in fact this program is so much more than that for me. The weight loss has become secondary to the self worth and self belief that have come about. Thank you Emily!

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I initially contacted Emily to help with my seemingly constant self-sabotaging of eating behaviours, but it became very clear from our initial chat that underlying chronic unhappiness (30yrs +) caused by family rifts and a total lack of self-esteem, were much more of an issue and likely entwined in my emotional hurt and eating habits.

I had been sceptical about whether hypnotherapy could work for me, and it was a huge investment in me, which I found hard to justify. However, it was the best money I've ever spent - 30 years of pain has now been turned on it's head, I no longer crave the love from someone who abandoned me and I am finally cool about who I am and who deserves to be in my life. And as for my weight....when I started to value myself and let go of the destructive relationships that had been destroying me for my entire adult life, amazingly the comfort eating subsided and now my BMI has gone from 28.7 to 25.3....very nearly a healthy weight.

This has been one of the most impactful decisions I've made - not just for my waistline, but for my happiness. I 100% recommend Emily to anyone. She's changed my happiness.


West Sussex

If anyone is struggling to get to the root cause of a behaviour, Emily is your go-to woman. While I primarily consulted her due to ongoing issues with food, I tackled so much more than that - especially with the way I talk to myself. I would never talk to anyone else that way! So far I’ve lost 19lbs with what feels like very little effort.

Some of the techniques feel a little different (and it can be emotional) but don’t let that put you off. Just go with it and you’ll be astounded with the results. I feel much calmer and much more in control (which I haven’t felt a great deal during lockdown) and haven’t felt the need to resort to doughnuts to get me through!

Thanks Em. I’ve loved it x



I just wanted to say thank you again, you have no idea how much you have helped me and supported me in my dreams and pursuit of goals….You have been the best guide I could have chosen for my quest, and I thank you for your patience and your empathy, your honesty and deep believe in me as a person in any way. 

Thank you! 



What an amazing session! I feel like I’ve made peace with baggage I’ve been carrying for nearly 40 years! Emily was brilliant and in sync with me, as she guided me an helped me to get to the bare bones of my issue. I was able to understand a crucial role I had taken on as a child that played over repetitively throughout my life. Letting that go has allowed me to discover the real me. I literally feel lighter and brighter and ready to just be me and this feels fantastic!



During lockdown Emily helped me find the route cause of my self sabotaging behaviours and gave me effective strategies to help me moving forward working with Emily was a blessing I would recommend anyone trying change their behaviour contact Emily she’s an amazing woman.

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Thank you, it was a wonderful session and I am so excited to now rework myself.

I definitely feel lighter today with a sense of purpose and an assurance that I am unique and that I need to follow my dreams with extreme passion and drive.

Looking forward to our next session.



The results have been amazing. It’s been several weeks now since the original hypnotherapy session and my daughter is so much calmer and happier. All of the explosive episodes have gone and she is showing interest again in her favourite activities for example Lego, art and reading. It’s an absolute joy to see.

I am so thankful for the work that Emily put in to helping us. Emily put a lot of preparatory work in prior to the session, produced a tailored recording for my daughter and has been regularly following up with me over the last few weeks. I was amazed that one session could have such a dramatic effect. Thank you Emily.

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You are the only therapist that actually made a concrete difference to my life. I feel like a brand new person. I am amazed by your job!



I was astounded by the change in my thinking after this Regression therapy. I have gone to Psychologists and hypnotherapists before and neither treatments seemed to help. Whilst talking therapy was cathartic it didn’t really help... Hypnotherapy was also lacking as it just seemed to focus on dealing with the situation in the moment as opposed to getting to the root cause of why I thought that way...My particular issue was emotional eating...As soon as I was happy or sad I would eat absolute rubbish food (sweets, cakes, processed food).

Now I was not doing it and still today almost 6 months on I still have not eaten sweets, cakes or processed food. I am gradually losing weight and feeling better. I recently had some bad news and I have not dived into old habits, even though my brain tried to revert, it was easy to just no to myself and move on. Emily is a great therapist and this type of therapy worked wonders for me. I will continue to use Emily for all my self defeating thinking. Try her out and I am sure you benefit...
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Emily is a wonderful therapist. She really took her time to understand the issue I was facing and made absolutely sure we worked out all the details. I felt really taken care of and important. Emily is lovely and professional and I felt so strong, empowered and ready to take the world on after the session!



I have seen Emily for Hypnotherapy treatment and it has been nothing short of life changing for me. She is brilliant at what she does and if you need someone who is empathetic, trustworthy but above all able to get the issues you have out, I would recommend her whole heartedly to you.



Emily is amazing she has helped me change some very serious long held limiting beliefs so i can now recognise that i am a priority in my own life. In doing so she has helped me to move forward into the life i always longed for but could never reach. She is compassionate and warm and has a wealth of experience that she is only to glad to share to enable her clients to really live not just exist. I continue to get coaching whenever i need support in various are areas of my life and i am astounded how she can turn any negative fear one has around in a moment. I highly recommend Emily for RTT and her catching sessions, you will never regret it.



Working with Emily has been amazing at reducing my stress levels at work. As an NHS employee, life in the office is full-on with ever-competing demands on my time and having to make split-decisions whilst multi-tasking. 

Understanding my thought processes and where they come from has allowed me to have a calmer mind and Emily has taught me how to have a positive dialogue with myself so that I can talk myself through the toughest of situations, finding perspective and confidence. 

I now have a totally different day at the office...same tasks but different approach!  Wow, wow so happy!”

NHS employee


I saw Emily for one RTT session a few months ago and the results have been AMAZING! No more migraines after years of suffering, I can't quite believe it. It really has been transformational. And rapid. I can see why it's called RTT! Thank you so much Emily, you've freed me from a lot of pain.



Thanks so much Emily, I feel much lighter and more centred…I feel so much more optimistic about my weight journey now and more empowered.

Thank you…It was immensely painful but worth it and I genuinely had no idea what/where the blocks were despite several years of therapy!! Huge thanks and look forward to our next session!



Thank you so much Emily I feel like I am back to my old self and I feel so positive for the future, I don't think I would be feeling like this even on my sabbatical without your help and support. 



Emily did a treatment for me on smoking. I wasn't sure if this will work as I had many other ways to try and give up and I was a heavy smoker. I am a non smoker since her treatment and I know there is no way I ever want to go back again!! Being free and not craving nicotine is the best thing !! Thank you so much Em, I think of you as my lifesaver.



It's working! I've lost a stone and a half with no cravings to binge eat or eat through boredom. I'm in control now, it's not in control of me. My clothes are hanging off me. Other things are being cleared up on the way too. I'm really pleased and feel really excited.


The Wirral

I found Emily at a point in life where I'd had enough of living 'a half life'. I had spent decades not liking or valuing myself, struggling with my weight and food… I'd had enough, I wanted to change and change for good. I wanted to really live and enjoy the next 50 years of life in a way I hadn't the last 50….

My weight has reduced by almost a stone and a half... I am so different to who I was at the beginning of the programme…Today I am walking tall, holding my head high, I feel lighter and happier than I have in decades…I'm loving life and I love me. I am transformed. If you've had enough, want to change your relationship with food and yourself and become slimmer and leaner, then I would highly recommend investing in yourself and letting Emily be your guide. Go for it.

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I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and seen therapist after therapist, even a well-known Harley Street hypnotherapist but nothing worked.

I trained as a hypnotherapist myself so I was sceptical when I started Emily’s programme as I really thought there was nothing new I could learn or try.

How wrong I was! I’ve been truly amazed by the whole process, it’s so different to anything else and it’s taught me so much about my mind and how it works.

Not only has the weight come off effortlessly (over a stone so far!) but I no longer have that over-whelming desire to emotionally eat – something I honestly believed I would never get rid of. On top of that I feel really great about myself from deep within not just at a surface level.

The programme and results have been priceless! I urge anyone who thinks they can’t overcome their emotional eating for good to book onto this programme right away. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do!

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Emily is a great practitioner, she uses great questions to uncover the reason for your issue, re frames it and helps you to let it go. She recorded a brilliant personalised recording that I really enjoyed listening to. Thank you Emily xx



Things have been good. Haven't binged and do actually feel more in control. Looking forward to the rest of the process.

Georgina (2 weeks into 12-week weight programme)


Thank you.

Today’s session was brilliant. I really feel like I’ve made such huge progress. Thank you so much for facilitating that progress. And yes, I do feel proud! 



Emily has been a breath of fresh air! Emily establishes a friendly yet professional relationship with her clients and is very informative, she gets my brain working harder each time we meet, connecting the dots and I always finish a session with Emily feeling like a load has been lifted! Thank you so much for your continued support, I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for Hypnotherapy or Coaching.



Wow is all I can say at this point! 

The positive impact that Emily's therapy and coaching are having on my life in only two weeks is phenomenal. I feel positively energised and more in control than I have in over 50 years. Not only is the weight coming off, but I am gaining confidence and absolutely buzzing with the thrill of the new me. 

Thank you Emily, I will be forever indebted to you for giving me the tools to change my life xx

Natalie (2 weeks into 12-week weight programme)


For the majority of my adult life I had a weight problem. I have an iron will and lost huge amounts of weight several times, only to put it all back on again by eating too much. Emily found the root cause of the problem, which was not what I expected.

She worked with me over around 3 months and set me free from my distructive old thought and behaviour patterns. I have now lost 26kg, though have a long way to go.

This time I haven't needed to use will power and no longer have the compulsion to eat a whole tub of ice cream, box of chocolates or packet of biscuits. I am perfectly happy with a normal portion or none at all. I'm also eating more healthily than ever, before which is quite something from a life long eaten all the pies, salad dodger. Emily has solved a 30 year old problem for me. She is sheer magic!

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This is THE BEST thing I’ve ever done to change patterns permanently.

I cannot recommend Emily enough she just got straight to the sources of the issue in my unconscious mind - and they were not to do with what I thought. I honestly feel like a lead weight has been removed from me.

I only wish I'd done this decades ago. I insist that you do this if this resonates with you because it works.



I didn't like using a hotel pool if there were lots of other people around so would stay covered up and only strip off outer clothes at last minute or not go in the pool at all! This holiday I have gone in regardless of other people...Then yesterday we went on a catamaran trip to swim with turtles and snorkel over reef and shipwreck. We had to stay in our swimsuits the whole time and although I was surrounded by a lot of other people, I felt comfortable and was aware after, that I hadn't been comparing myself to any one else.

Janet (6 weeks into 12-week weight programme)


I cannot recommend Emily's service enough! I was very lucky to have instant results following my first RTT session with Emily...

I have been able to overcome issues that I hadn't even been aware of, let alone known that they were causing my weight issues and feelings of not being good enough. I can never thank Emily enough for 'freeing' me of the demons that have controlled my life for over 4 decades xx

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Things are amazing after only one session. Losing weight effortlessly and full of energy. Completely life changing. I have never experienced something that helped me so much. I feel so so happy, I just can barely believe it. You are really amazing at what you do I wish I had found you years ago my life may be so different.



Emily helped me to understand exactly what was going on and why, which was one of the main things I was unsure of before going. She gave me some good ideas to help in the future and the session has helped a lot, being a month on now. Was skeptical at first as to whether it would work, as this is a first for anything like hypnotherapy for me but I can recommend it to anyone who has doubts.



Things are amazing after only one session. Losing weight effortlessly and full of energy. Completely life changing. I have never experienced something that helped me so much. I feel so so happy, I just can barely believe it. You are really amazing at what you do I wish I had found you years ago my life may be so different.



I'm more open and much more relaxed when talking to people. It's easier to open up and I don't find myself overthinking everything when interacting. I feel more centred in myself as well, and calmer, enjoying more and worrying less.



Emily worked with me last year on a weight loss course I attended and it was absolutely brilliant and I still use some of the techniques I learned.



Emily walked a difficult path with me and taught me techniques I use on a daily basis. She stood back and her honesty, her warmth and calm helped me to find my way. A wonderful experience that makes me now move onwards again.



Emily takes a gentle approach asking questions subtly to gather information and make you feel comfortable. I disclosed my childhood abuse to her and she highlighted my key issue is one of rejection. This features throughout my life and it was a light bulb moment. Rejection not just by family but also rejection of myself by myself, sadly. Emily has offered healing for these past traumas and I feel excited and optimistic that it will work. Thanks Emily, you're truly inspiring.



I loved it because it [the weight loss course] gave me tools to change my bad habits, start new routines, exercise more and feel more confident. "Thanks to this course I started to have a more healthy lifestyle, it's only the beginning but I feel more confident that introducing small changes I'll improve my health - thanks!



Emily's sessions helped me lose weight, I'd recommend her to everyone. I'm still using the technique she taught me with great success. Thank you Emily x