How many times do you use the word 'But' in your vocabulary especially about yourself?  

For example... 

"I look pretty but my hair's a mess" 

"I'm pleased with how my meeting went with my boss today but I made myself look stupid when I didn't have an immediate answer to something she asked" 

"I really want to make changes to my life but I always fail" 

One of the rules of the mind is that it cannot hold conflicting beliefs. It's also hardwired to focus on the negative so when you use the word 'But' it immediately goes to the adverse statement. You then focus on that and that then becomes your reality. 

Think of it another way... 

If you had a friend and you repeated the same sentences to her, how would she be left feeling? 

"You look pretty but your hair's a mess" 

"The meeting went well today but you made yourself look stupid when you didn't have an immediate answer to something that was asked" 

"You could make changes to your life but you always fail" 

If you said those things to her every day you'd be unsurprised that she was reaching for the chocolate to feel better. 

And yet you do this to yourself on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis. And then you beat yourself up because you've eaten something to take away the pain. It's crazy! 

So, it's time to change and get rid of the 'But'! 

Stick with the first sentence. AND THEN LEAVE IT THERE! 

There's no using the word 'However' either. Yeah I know you were thinking you could get away with it 😂 

But no, get rid of it all and you'll feel better with far less need to head for the chocolate.