Against a lot of people's advice I'm getting a puppy!

People have advised me against it because I've just lost my beautiful cocker spaniel Flo after 18 years and they say that now isn't the 'right time'.


Why wait to have more love in my life? And who knows what will happen in a year, a month even tomorrow?

The only time we have is RIGHT NOW.

I don't want to look back in one year, two years or even ten years and have missed out on all that love and happiness.

And the same should be for you too.

What are you putting off because now isn't the 'right time'?

Spoiler alert - there will never be a perfect 'right time'. And for those of you who have children you know this to be so true!

If you really want something you make it work regardless of what's happening - time, money, other people, those things just don't factor.

So quit with the excuses.

What are you putting off because of the old time, money, other people excuses? What are you missing out on?

So many of my clients say they wish they hadn't wasted decades of their lives hating themselves and being controlled by food, just existing not living.

They work with me and get their lives back. They find peace with themselves, they become lighter (physically and metaphorically), they live their lives fearlessly, they enjoy every moment, they get food freedom.

Life is to be lived RIGHT NOW. Don't let food and hating yourself get in the way.

TAKE ACTION NOW - Don't waste any more time in your food prison, the perfect time to make change is right now.

Oh, and by the way my new little pup (seen in the video) is going to be called Hope because that's what she's given me and that's what I give my clients ❤️