Do you know what type of eater you are? - Do you: 

  • Use food to push down your emotions? 
  • Eat when you're bored? 
  • Eat in secret? 
  • Always finish everything on your plate? 
  • Starve yourself all day then gorge at night? 
  • Eat even when you're not even hungry? 
  • Cram food in really fast and not even taste it? 
  • Struggle to resist cakes, sweets and chocolate? 

I used to do all of those things and more. So, what type of eater did that make me?  

There's lots of talk about the 'type' of eaters that we are but in my book it really doesn't matter whether you're a habitual eater, an addictive eater, a critical eater or whatever. If it's causing you a problem and you don't want to be doing it then you know you have an issue with food full stop. 

Putting a label on the type of eater you are won't help resolve the problem and actually very often when you label yourself with something that 'thing' becomes you and then you find it even harder to get rid of it. 

"Oh, hi I'm Emily the emotional eater I crave sugary, foods, carbohydrates and I eat when I'm under pressure. And when I'm sad. And when I'm lonely. And when I'm bored. And now I've said all that out loud and labelled myself as an emotional eater I feel even shittier about myself so I'm now going to eat even more to get that quick boost of serotonin to make me feel better, even if it is just for a few seconds." 

Just awful. 

So, stop with the labels. It doesn't matter what type of eater you are, the only thing that matters is how you stop it being a problem. 

I see every single 'type' of eater under the sun and the one thing they all have in common? That they are successful, professional women who have no idea how to fix their issue and they hate themselves because of it. 

But it's not their fault, just like it's not yours.  

You are led to believe that you should be following hideous diet after hideous diet which just makes you feel worse and worse and exacerbates the problem even further. 

You need to HEAL - heal your relationship with food and heal your relationship with you. 

The word DIE-T is the complete opposite to heal. You don't want to die (and let's face it when you're on one of those crappy diets you might as well do!), you want to heal. 

So, forget about what type of eater you are, and what might be wrong with you, labelled by someone somewhere who's made these things up, and start thinking about you and how you can change your life right now by ditching the diet and rebuilding you instead!

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