Do you find it hard to leave food on your plate or throw it away because you think it's a waste to do so?

That little nagging voice in your ear tells you that you have to eat it all up, you can't possibly throw it away. To throw it away would be wasteful right?

But have you thought about this instead...

Whether excess food goes into the bin or into your stomach it's wasted.

If it goes into your stomach it goes straight to your hips, your thighs, your waist. And that's a waste! And it's damaging to you.

It doesn't matter where it goes - into the bin or into you - it's wasted either way.

So, time to think differently and think that it's actually LESS of a waste to throw it away as it's not doing damage to your beautiful body.

Often we live on past beliefs that don't belong to us, perhaps your parents taught you that throwing food away is wasteful, maybe you were told to always clear your plate. But those are not your beliefs, it's time to get rid of them.

Throw them away along with the excess food!

Time to start reframing those old beliefs and replace them with new ones - 'Excess food is wasted wherever it goes so I may just as well throw it away!'

Of course, when you have an eating issue it can be really hard to just throw food away.

I tried it when I suffered with food issues and I just ended up getting it out of the bin. Yep, I've done that.

But when you get rid of all the reasons that are driving you to behave that way in the first place, it's easy to throw excess food away!

So many of my clients come to me saying they'll never be able to leave food on their plate or throw it away and then just a few weeks later I love hearing them say how it's so easy to chuck things away.

They, like me, know that food is wasted wherever it goes and they no longer want to treat their bodies like a dustbin because they really VALUE themselves, something that was missing before. But not only that they've also discovered WHY they overeat in the first place and once we've fixed that there's no need to keep eating excessively, it's super easy to throw food away!

Imagine that!

So, is it time for you to stop treating your body like a dustbin and get rid of the excess food for good?

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Emily xx

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