Your feelings drive your actions.
So, when you feel sad, bored, lonely, whatever and you head for the food it’s your feelings that are driving you to it.
You feel powerless to stop it.
But that simply isn’t true.
It's your THOUGHTS that create your feelings.
And YOU are in charge of your thoughts.
When it comes to binge eating and overeating it's your thoughts that are driving your actions.
And YOU have the power to change your thoughts.
Every habit of action e.g. binge eating is run by a habit of thought e.g. I’m a failure so I feel like crap (and I therefore need food to make me feel better).
But you need to know which thoughts are REALLY driving your behaviour as there will be a number of different ones.
And which BELIEFS you have too.
Because your beliefs drive your thinking.
If you BELIEVE you’re not good enough your thoughts about situations will be markedly different to if you believe you’re incredible.
For example, if you believe you’re not good enough and someone criticises you, your thoughts take a massive downward spiral, your FEELINGS change because of it and you then turn to food to make yourself feel better.
But if you believe you’re incredible your thoughts will stay positive, so will your feelings and so will your actions.
So, change the beliefs = change the thoughts = change the feelings = change the actions!