Are you constantly putting others first, leaving yourself at the bottom of your priority list?

This relentless drive to make others happy might be secretly sabotaging your eating habits.

When you're constantly giving all your energy to everyone else, you leave very little time and energy for looking after yourself. And perhaps you don’t feel deserving of that care anyway.

People-pleasing often stems from deep-seated negative beliefs about oneself, such as

"I'm not good enough"
"I have no value"
"I don't matter"
"I'm not lovable"

When you don’t believe that you are worthy, good enough, or have enough value to be cared for as you are, you inevitably go in search of the seal of approval from others.

You push your needs aside, making everyone else's happiness more important than your own, leaving no time for self-care.

No attention to your health.
No desire to nurture your body.

I’ve witnessed this cycle lead to binge eating time and time again.

PLUS… The beliefs you feed yourself are painful and create a constant stream of cruel, hurtful thoughts in your mind.

To numb these feelings, many turn to food for comfort, leading to deeper-rooted unhealthy eating habits.

Almost every client I see starts their journey as a people pleaser, always putting themselves last.

But we change that.

Through my programme, they learn to dismantle those old, limiting beliefs and finally put themselves first without guilt.

They come to understand their worth and importance, which translates into taking better care of themselves.

The results are transformative: NO MORE BINGE EATING, OVER EATING, OR EMOTIONAL EATING! Food issues originate from within, so when you make internal changes, it reflects in all your behaviours, including your eating habits

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