Years ago IWD to me would've been a challenge, seeing lots of incredible women celebrating themselves.

The truth was I hated me, I couldn't celebrate someone I hated. I self medicated with food, alcohol, drugs (prescription and non-prescription) and I even tried to take my own life.

I tried decades of therapy but I never really managed to pull myself out of that space and around a decade after trying to commit suicide I found myself wanting to do the same again.

I had no job, no money, no partner, my friends had abandoned me, my entire life savings were gone and an early menopause came.

It really was rock bottom.

But the thing about rock bottom is that it's an opportunity to see things differently, to try a different way. And that's exactly what I did.

The old methods of traditional stuff weren't working for me so I took out a credit card and invested in new ways - different types of coaches, ones that used less traditional methods, ones that would move me forwards not keep me in the past.

Was it hard to make those investments when I had no money coming in? Yes, of course, I really had to take a leap of faith but I was at rock bottom, if I carried on doing the same old things I don't know if I would even be here today.

But I am here today and not only that I am here and HAPPIER!

I am here with a thriving business and opportunities and love.

I am here no longer self-medicating, no longer needing food to push down my emotions because I've got rid of tons of emotional baggage, I can sit with those once scary emotions and process them when I need to knowing I'm okay.

I am here on International Women's Day celebrating an incredible woman - ME!

So, happy International Women's Day ladies, dare to do something differently, dare to give up the old, dare to take a leap of faith with a new way, dare to try a different way, the other side is so worth it ❤️