You think about it all day, you even get excited about what you're going to binge on, often you organise your life around it, cancelling things or not booking stuff in because you want to spend that time EATING!

You can't stop thinking about what you're going to eat, you buy sweets, cakes, chocolate, so much lovely stuff, it's exciting, you can't wait to get home, be on your own and BINGE!

Oh it feels orgasmic in the moment as you stuff it all down so quickly that you can barely even taste it but in it goes as quick as you can get it. The satisfaction!

But then, once it's over...

The self-loathing comes.

The hatred of yourself.

The shame.

The feeling sick, bloated and HORRIBLE!

And it takes away any pleasure. 

It feels HORRIFIC.

You vow to yourself that tomorrow is a new day, you won't binge again, you just can't go through this pain one more time.

So you make big promises to yourself, "I'm giving up!" 

And then tomorrow comes. And you can't stop thinking about food, the thought of sweets, cakes, chocolate...

The cycle starts again.

Will there EVER be a way out?

The simple answer? Yes!

But NOT through the ways you've tried so far - the slimming clubs, the diet pills, the hideous food regimes.

These are all EXTERNAL, change has to come from WITHIN.

Until you look internally and fix that you'll be in your love/hate relationship with food FOREVER.

And do you really want to wake up in 50 years time and think "I ate my life away?"

My guess is not.

So, time to do something different.

Time to check out my award winning programme where you can and WILL beat the binge for good!

No more thinking about food all day, no more cancelling life because of your addiction.

But unlike a drug or alcohol addiction you don't have to give up the things you love, you CAN still eat sweets, cakes and chocolate!

And all you need to do is get in touch with me for details of how to apply to my programme where you can beat the binge in 12 short weeks!

It's a no brainer, right?!