How often do you look in the mirror and say to yourself "I feel fat"?

How many times have you said to friends "I feel fat"?

Or told a partner or a parent or whoever?

But here's the thing...'fat' is NOT a feeling.

Your 'feeling fat' is driven by a whole host of other emotions - unhappiness, hopelessness, depression, insecurity, inadequacy etc.

THOSE are the feelings.

And getting rid of the weight doesn't stop those feelings.

But it's easier to blame the weight. You tell yourself "I'll be happy when I've lost the weight".

Hmm, that's a dangerous place to be because not only are you placing all of your happiness on your weight, you're also not addressing the REAL problems. Until you address the hopelessness, depression, insecurity, inadequacy (or whatever it is that you're really feeling) you'll still remain unhappy even if you lose the weight.

I've seen it time and time again with clients who come to me. They tell me "I've lost weight loads of times and I'm still unhappy".

That's because they haven't looked at all the things that drive the behaviour in the first place. Until you start looking at the root causes you'll stay on destructive behaviour patterns forever.

Your actions are driven by your emotions and feelings so you have to look at the REAL feelings in order to change the actions.

So, next time you say "I feel fat", ask yourself "What is it that I'm REALLY feeling?"

And that's where the inner work needs to begin ❤️