Long post alert but it’s definitely worth the read I promise!

When I was overweight I bought into so many food related myths which also in some ways became excuses.

The stories I told myself included:

  • Slimming clubs will work if I keep trying - they won't
  • Diets work - they don't
  • Skinny people can eat whatever they like - they can't
  • I have something wrong with me and my brain which no one else has - I don't
  • When I'm skinny I'll be happy - I wasn't

Sound familiar? These are the EXACT same stories that my clients tell themselves and they're simply not true.

So, let's unpick these food related myths one by one and get to the real truth.

Slimming clubs will work if I keep trying

Depriving yourself of foods, having a weekly weigh in and feeling humiliated when no one claps when you haven't lost any weight is soul destroying.

When self-esteem is low we want - and need - to make ourselves feel better and the quickest way to do that is through food.

Diets work

99% of diets fail to achieve permanent weight reduction. The diet industry is worth around £80 billion, they don’t want you to succeed – they want you to keep going back, why would a multi-million pound organisation want you to succeed?

It makes no business sense for them when they can get repeat customers. Diets just make you feel bad when you feel you've failed and you just end up eating to make yourself feel better.

Skinny people can eat whatever they like

A had a huge revelation once years ago when I was out with my 'skinny' friend having dinner. In my mind she ate whatever she liked whenever she liked.

We both looked at the dessert menu and she contemplated one for a while as she said she really fancied one but then she said she wouldn't as she'd had something the previous day. Well what a revelation for me, skinny people do actually THINK about what they eat! In my mind I only saw what they were eating when I was eating it, I didn't see the cutbacks they'd make the next day or following days because they'd eaten something calorific.

The only difference is skinny people make those choices EASILY and you can too once you know HOW to retrain your mind (FYI: My award-winning programme does exactly that!)

I have something wrong with me and my brain which no one else has

For decades I was convinced that my brain was wired the wrong way, that I was the only person in the entire world whose brain worked the way it did, hating myself, not being able to control my food intake.

And then I realised that I decide my thoughts, I have the power to change them and that all my thoughts were built on years of crappy old beliefs and stories that had no purpose being there. My brain WAS wired in the wrong way but not in the way I thought, it was just wired to think negatively about me and about food.

It was learned behaviour and if it was learned that meant it could be unlearned!

Food Issues

When I'm skinny I'll be happy

I went from a size 16 to a 6 and I still felt miserable. The judgments about me and my body still came at me from me and that was all down to my thoughts.

You can change your size all you like but if you still have the overwhelming thoughts of hate about yourself you'll never be happy. Being skinny doesn't stop the thoughts, those thoughts still come until you change them.

My internal world was determining my happiness until I changed that internal thinking.

So, you see these stories that you buy into are big MYTHS and yet it’s easy to cling onto them because they're safe and they stop us from facing that internal work which is the only real way to feel better. And also because often we don't know HOW to change that internal world.

But I do know how and I'm here to help you do EXACTLY that, change that internal world so you no longer need to buy into those food related myths anymore and you CAN live a life free to love yourself, your body and your life.

How amazing would that be? 

Well let's make it happen right now! All you need to do is book a free call by CLICKING HERE and make that first step towards your new internal world and a happy, healthy life!

Speak soon.

Emily xx

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