Do you laugh things off when underneath they're actually really painful?

"If I don't laugh I'll cry"

Does that sentence sound familiar?

Do you 'get in first' before someone else does and make a joke about you?

Well here's the thing...

When you laugh things off, use self-deprecating humour and make jokes to cover up pain all you're doing is squashing that pain down, devaluing what happened and devaluing yourself.

And the worst thing about not dealing with that pain and devaluing yourself is that it will show up in all your behaviours - overeating to keep your emotions squashed down, letting people walk all over you because you don't value yourself, hiding away from life because the pain doesn't go away when you try to bury it, it's still there and you still feel that pain. Every. Single. Day.

So from today stop using humour to cover up the trauma. Give yourself permission to say "You know what? This is shit what happened", allow yourself to cry and let it out, process the feelings so you don't need food to do the job for you. And stop with the self-deprecation.

When you deal with past pain in the right way you can LET IT GO and as a consequence your behaviours will begin to change. 

When you stop putting yourself down and value yourself your behaviours will begin to change.

Don't hide behind the humour anymore and see what a difference it makes.

© Fresh Forward