How often do we push ourselves to do something we find uncomfortable, or outside our comfort zone? Not very often! The human psyche has been conditioned, throughout evolution, to avoid the uncomfortable, which lies deeply within our subconscious and unconscious mind.

But the fight or flight response that has helped early humans to avoid injury or death, no longer applies in the modern world of the 21st century. Today, it’s more likely to trigger emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety, aggression, and anger. We can often be affected by other people’s opinions and a fear of the unknown. And it is a proven fact that many people regularly turn to comfort eating to hide these negative feelings of self-worth and loathing.

Soft sugary foods remind us of our early childhood - the comfort of breast milk and the safety of a mother’s nurture.

So how can you overcome this?

If you truly wish to embrace change and explore new and exciting opportunities, you have to make the uncomfortable, comfortable! You have to learn to unlearn the restrictive elements within the deep recesses of your unconscious mind. And release the conscious cognitive skills where you can organise and control your responses in order to achieve your goals.

You must understand that change will not hurt you. It is entirely possible to rewire your mind to 21st century thinking and banish forever the need to use food for comfort.

So, what will you do, today to push yourself out of your comfort zone and begin to make the uncomfortable, comfortable?