What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • Neuro refers to our brain and physiology; it's how we use our minds, our bodies and our senses to think and make sense of our experiences. The more aware we are of our minds, bodies and senses, the more influence we have to change things and shape our own destiny.
  • Linguistic refers to the verbal and non-verbal communication that we use with others and ourselves. Most miscommunication happens through language so learning to understand the structure of our language is essential.
  • Programming refers to the way in which we put the two above (our patterns of thinking, language and behaviours) together to form strategies to use in day-to-day life for example how we open a book, how we walk into a room etc. By understanding these strategies we give ourselves choices.

So in plain English what does that all actually mean? Put simply NLP is about learning to understand the language of our own minds better. Over the years we form strategies – good and bad – to help us get through everyday life. We want more of the good ones and less of the bad ones so by understanding our own minds better we can understand why they’ve formed the bad thought patterns they have and consequently change our unhelpful habits; NLP is a range of tools, techniques, methods and insights that helps bring about this self-development and change.

Through the right questioning, strong visualisation techniques and various other methods NLP helps unpick unwanted behaviour strategies (for example phobias) that have been created and replaces them with positive emotional responses; used in conjunction with hypnotherapy it is a very powerful tool for change.

In a nutshell how does NLP help?

It helps you create new neurological pathways to create positive, new behaviours that will eliminate old destructive patterns of behaviour.

Make your fresh start today and move forward to the life you deserve

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